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Exhibit Bases and Frames

Every base is manufactured from aluminum which has great durability and strength, yet is still light weight. All units are carefully sand blasted before painting to allow proper adhesion which greatly lowers the risk of weathering or damage to the unit's surface and paint. Each unit is then powder coated on site.

There are four standard colors for our exhibit bases.
MEDIUM GRAY, NPS BROWN, GI CHARCOAL, YORKTOWN GREEN (link to standard colors here) Custom colors are also an option (see custom colors links below)  

All of our exhibit bases come in standard panel sizes and colors but can also be customized to fit any specifications. There are four standard types of bases: low profile, upright, the kiosk, and ancillaries. Standard panel sizes for Low profile units are: 42x20, 36x20, 30x20, 42x24, 36x24, 24x18, 20x14, and 16x12 inches. Standard panel sizes for upright units are: 24x36, 40x32, 36x54, and 36x48 inches. Our standard Kiosk panel is 36 x 48.

Upright units and kiosks can have any combination of either graphic carriers or hinged and locking bulletin cases. Ancillaries include audio units, pamphlet dispensers, coin collection box, and a small trailside unit. (link to our frames catalog here)

Along with our standard units, we manufacture customized bases to meet your specific requirements.

There are also several ways of mounting our exhibit bases. In-ground installation, which is the most popular method, uses concrete to permanently mount the unit. We also provide movable bases in the form of freestanding units, surface mounted units or removable in ground units that use socket bases which allow you to dismount and maintain the base and signs anytime necessary.

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